White-Glove RVing

RV Rental Denver‘s White-Glove RVing service is the perfect way to explore the wonderful world of open road RVing without the hassel of towing, setting up or even booking your accomidations!

White Glove RVing Services:

Step 1. Select the RV you wish to camp in
Step 2. Book Your Campsite/s (or we can book your travel plans for you!)
Step 3. RV Rental Denver will deliver your RV to your campsite, set it up and go through the entire unit with you.

Optional Services:

Special occoasion? Our White-Glove RVing service includes everything from themed setup, gift baskets, lighting & decore!

How much does White-Glove RVing Cost?

White Glove RVing is much more affordable then you’d think!

– Standard Rental Fee (based on unit)

– $1.75/per mile (i.e. Denver to Buena Vista & Back would be 122 miles X 2 X $1.75 = $427 (includes setup!)

– Additional services such as staging etc available!